T-shirt quilts

Do you have lots of t-shirts you can't part with? Turn them into a useable, sentimental keepsake quilt!


Do  I need to cut the logos out of my shirts?
No- I like to have the whole shirt so I can stabilize the logo before I cut it out.

Do I need to purchase fabric for the sashing and backing?
The fabric is included in the price. If you have a special fabric (it must be 100% cotton) that you want to use that's OK.

Are  there any hidden costs?
No the price includes the fabric, batting, backing, binding, and the labor.

How much does it cost?
The price is $18 per shirt. If you want to use the front and back that would count as 2 shirts.

How long does it take?
Usually 4-6 weeks. It depends if I have to order the fabric or if I can find it locally.


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