Friday, July 28, 2017

Wow- I finally figured how to get back in my blog!

Yay! Now you know why I have not updated in a year. :(
I am ramping up for the Christmas season. If you want a T Shirt quilt made for Christmas please contact me before October 21st.
A big thanks to all my customers this year -you have kept me busy!!

The last 6 weeks have been interesting-to say the least! I found a kitten in the middle of the road . She was starving and dehydrated. The problem-my dachshund! She has been trying to kill the kitten for 6 weeks! If the cat can make it 2 more months I think she will be able to defend herself a little. Now she wants to play with Winnie.  She doesn't understand the danger.

I have been working on Mosaic pillows to add to my ETSY shop. I am waiting on my labels to arrive and then I will be listing them. I am very excited -I love now projects!

This is a memory quilt I just finished for a sweet lady. They were her grandfather's shirts and she wanted them made into a quilt for her son. This quilt turned out so soft and cuddly.

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