Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finally- Tommy's Quilt

 I finally got my husband's (Mr. EggMoneyQuilts) t-shirt quilt done. In all fairness I had pieced half of it when he said "I am going to hang it on my office wall".  What? How will a 90 X90 heavy quilt look hanging on the wall? Not too good. So I started slashing this morning. I cut off all the sashing and trimmed the logos down. I even raided his closet and got his favorite tie (bicycles). Then I sewed it back together, quilted it, and even bound it. Easy-Peasy!

My favorite block:
And for the back I used this Alexander Henry Camouflage Girls:
That awful Kill A Commie For Mommie shirt! He had that in college- 33 years ago! I can't believe we moved it a dozen times! Now it will live on forever!

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