Friday, March 6, 2015

Give a Gnome a Home-Project QUILTING Challenge

Last Sunday the challenge came out-cut your favorite fabric that you have been scared to cut. I thought about this strip of Michael Miller Gnome fabric that I had been saving. I thought I would make a change purse or a makeup case but never could bring myself to take the plunge. I started cutting the fabric like a wild woman.Here it is after I cut it to pieces.
With a marathon of Downton Abbey in the background I started sewing and sewing!
What to use for the background? I had this piece of map fabric that I probably had for ten years. I got it and I had to cut it with scissors because it was directional and had lines. I had to take a break-the season finale of Downton Abbey was on. If you don't watch Downton Abbey you are missing a treat! The season finale was a tear-jerker(in a good way!).
I got my little quilt quilted and bound!

I quilted it in an allover pattern called Sticky Buns.
My favorite Gnome

So if you get a chance vote for me and GIve a Gnome a Home!

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  1. I love Dowton Abbey too! I also love gnomes they are so cute! I like the one on a camel. You quilt came out perfect so I am voting for it! Think I'll follow.


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