Monday, May 12, 2014

A little Mother's Day humor

I opened a beautiful box of flowers on Mother's Day. The roses were beautiful but the card.......
I don't know anyone named Wilson. So I called my son Jon and asked him and he had sent flowers-probably not these! So to Wilson's Mom- I hope you like my flowers because I like yours!

A couple finishes:
I took this picture with no light and early this morning so the stitching would show. I love this full feather pattern on more traditional quilts.
Then to brighten up my day -this lap quilt:
I picked "Graceful Flowers" for the pattern because the border reminds me of it.
Well- we moved a couple more car loads up here-we have definitely run out of room. I am coming to grips with this downsizing and I have a couple big boxes ready for Goodwill.
Hope your weekend was great and lets all have a great week!

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