Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I am amazed.................

at the USPS! I shipped this box to my son in Afghanistan. It has Chex mix and kool-aid in it.
 The Red Cross brought my son home for some medical issues in my DIL's family. Guess what? The box came back to me! I forgot to check the box on the custom form that says abandon if undeliverable. That being said- for any clients who don't want to make the scenic drive out to Gilbert- mail your top. I have never  had a package get lost. Now the USPS gives you a tracking number with regular parcel and if you use Priority mail they insure it for $50. If you are concerned with me mailing your quilt back and it being left on your doorstep I will pay  for the signature required add-on so they will not leave it at your door.
Now for some eye candy! This is on my machine today-
Love the colors! I am quilting it with a variegated thread that picks up all the colors in the top.
I just got off the phone with my hubby. A year ago I was really sick and he is filling me in on things I missed. I don't remember coming home from the hospital. Tommy said on the way home I insisted he stop at Taco Bell and get tacos. What?! I wasn't able to eat tacos! The funny thing is he went through the drive-thru with me passed out in the front seat and got tacos!


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