Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho

I have had a lot of Christmas quilts come in to be quilted in the last few days! There are not a lot of Christmas patterns that I like -to me they seem to "busy". I have a neat snowflake pattern that looks good and I just got this Christmas pattern that I love!
And a close up of Santa!
This next picture is a QOV that I quilted for a group project the Quiltsy team on Etsy is doing. It was pieced by Whitney from Oregon. I will be mailing it  to NY for a ceremony on the 11th.
I quilted it with Star Swirl.

 The weather here in SC is gorgeous! I plan to work in the yard this weekend. How about you? How will you spend this Labor Day?


  1. Beautiful as always. Nice to see that you are posting.

  2. We will hopefully be working on my sewing studio. My girl and I have been enjoying the beautiful weather while my son has been at school. I have to work Monday, so no holiday for me. :)

  3. love the Christmas quilt. I am doing one with snowflakes right now. takes 1 hr to do one row, about 60 inches. but is looking great.


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