Thursday, June 6, 2013

I have a screw loose..............

Really. I do. I went to my 6 month neurosurgeon visit yesterday. I am growing bone! Bone is growing in and around the cages. Great news! But -one of the screws is loose in my neck. He is not worried about it because there are several other screws in my neck. So I can officially say I have a screw loose!
Buddy also went to the vet. He has DOUBLED his weight in one year! The vet said he's at a good weight. I would much rather have a screw loose than double my weight! Way to go Buddy!

It's raining here. A good day to sew. Hope everyone has a good day !!



  1. It is definitely a good day to sew. And I soooo need to finish my studio so I can get to work on some projects. While I was visiting my sis in Texas I picked up a bunch of fabric and I want to make stuff, soon.

  2. It's sunny here in Ireland and the temps are very mild. Enjoying it.

    Glad your bones are growing, now about that loose screw..... Hugs.

  3. I had my morning laugh about your screw being lose! Such good news that you have bone growing to help stabilize things. Love the picture of Buddy!


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