Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down on the farm

I finished both of my Dr Seuss quilts . I got the idea from Julie's blog. She gives a tutorial if you want to make one. I didn't read the tutorial but looked at the picture so mine may be a little different.
Here's the girl one
and the back
The boy one
and the back
January, February,and March I could not drive and was doped up so I watched the Jodi Arias trial. Then yesterday I decided to go to my Moms quilting meeting and I missed the live verdict.! Oh well -I did get some fresh eggs. My Mom has a couple chickens (they are like pets).
I scored big at JoAnn's on Monday. I picked up this book to buy and then trying to talk myself out of spending money on more books I asked the clerk if it was on sale. Yes she said -$2.96! I'll take it!

Hope your day is good!


  1. The quilts look fabulous. Have you seen the new squedge rulers. Google them and see how fabulous the make up. I just bought the set this week. Like I need more stuff.

    I have to set up my machine in the den to keep an eye on the idiot child called a basset hound McGee. So I have watched the trial as it went on, there is not much else to watch. I did see the verdict yesterday. Yes! They messed up on the Casey Anthony trial but they got this one right!

  2. Cute and cute. Love a good deal, especially from JoAnn's.

  3. I may have to try this out. I think I have these rulers or something similar.


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