Sunday, March 24, 2013

14 weeks and a flower explosion

Celebrating 14 weeks tomorrow since my surgery! I have good days and bad days. Last Wed. was a bad day because I am pretty sure I forgot to take my meds (dingbat!!). This is on my design wall. I hope to quilt it this week.
I think I will call it "Arias" because I cut the flowers while watching the trial!
Hope your week is great!


  1. So those are all individually cut out and fused...maybe? That is pretty cool looking. I am going to send you a photo of a butterfly on a lone star quilt that is unbelievable!


  2. this is soo cool. Hope you had a good trip to Oburg today.

  3. Vicki, it is going to be a WOW!!! week.....
    Smile and Life is great.....Hugs


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