Friday, February 1, 2013

One month down-2 more to go!

My longarm has set idle for over two months so I decided to try to quilt yesterday. It was a small quilt but it kicked my butt! The thread kept breaking-I'm pretty sure it was the thread. But I got through it and then had to lie ( or lay) down for 2 hours to recover!
I also baked a quiche! I had never made one before. My Mom has hens that lay about 4 eggs a day so she keeps me supplied with eggs. The neurosurgen told me I had to eat a LOT so my bones will heal. I eat ALL day. It is really a chore to have to eat so much!
It's ham and broccolli.
I hope the week has been good for you and the weekend is great!


  1. Glad to hear that you are healing. Keep doing what the Doctor asks and I will keep praying for a great recovery.

  2. I too am glad to hear from you. I miss your posts but I know in time they will return. Keep eating, I know it's difficult but SO WORTH IT!!!! We all miss you. Lots of gentle hugs.

  3. So glad you are finally seeing some improvement. I know that this is very frustrating, but, we are all pulling for you.

  4. I have missed you a lot! So glad you are back quilting some. That must mean you are feeling better and better, and that is good.

    glen: I need to get a doctor to say I can eat all day long........

  5. glad you are getting back to quilting. just take it slow and listen to your body and doctor. keeping you in our prayers, always.

  6. Quiche is wonderful and your looks really good. I will have to share a recipe with you. Glad you were able to quilt even if it wore you out, but sorry your thread was making it even worse. Little by little, you will get there.


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