Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting there....

A lot of people have been asking about my progress. The infection is gone! I no longer have to carry that heavy pump. I find out on Nov. 1 when and what my Back operation will be.  I drove the truck this morning to pick up my meds.--I could barely see over the steering wheel! I guess I have lost inches.

I spend my days sewing and napping. I sew a little get tired and nap. We moved a bed into my sewing room -it's so nice to be able to just lay down and nap. thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers-I need them all.


  1. I miss seeing you beautiful work!
    I miss YOU!
    Hugs and prayers!!!!

  2. Hope your healing continues quickly!

  3. OMG a post. This is good news. You are doing our dream, sewing and napping!!!!

  4. Get well soon! I'm so glad things are improving.

  5. what a great surprise for my first day back on my blog, Keep doing what you have been doing and things will be great and greater!!! So happy for you, Happy, happy and more!!! Hugs and lots more

  6. Vickie, so sorry to hear you are having health problems. hugs and best wishes.


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