Saturday, July 7, 2012

Old Dogs Misbehavin'

A couple quilts finished this week!
Love the sailboats for a lucky little boy!

This panto is called "Dragon's Breath" and works great on this quilt.
The panto Curly Twirly Flowers was meant for this quilt!

Notice the appliqued swirls in the flower. I used a varigated neutral thread which blended beautifully!

Now for the old dog misbehaving! Some of you know I adopted a 14 year old mini schnauzer in January. Cherry is the meekest and humblest dog I have ever been around. The first time I had her groomed I was told she had "fear issues". She still won't walk up stairs. Thursday while walking down the dirt road we walk on my humble , meek dog caught a bird and devoured it! She was so proud of herself! I know it's not the most pleasant sight and defiitely a bad day for the bird but it was good to see an old dog being a dog!
Hope your weekend is great!


  1. love the dragons breath pano.

  2. Perfect pantos for those great quilts. And it is definitely bad for the bird, but great for a dog with fear issues to be able to win.

    Why don't you try some bach flower remedy for those fear issues. At any health store or on line. Whole foods markets or the like. One or two drops on the tongue really helps. As a dog trainer we use a lot of it for thunderstorms, grooming fears, car ride terrors, and it works great on kids too!


  3. Lovely quilts. Cherry is loving living with you. Good job rescuing her


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