Sunday, June 3, 2012

Squash, Corn, Potatoes, and Butterball

I spent the afternoon picking vegetables in my parents garden. Looks like we will be eating healthy this week! I also took a few pictures of my latest quilts. They have a taller fence but the quilts are so big it still wasn't tall enough!
They live on a dirt road and people throw unwanted cats out (some people suck). This is Butterball which is an odd name because he is so skinny and scrawny. My Mom has tried really hard to fatten him up with no luck. He's not scared of anything-he will walk up to any dog and rub up on them. A couple of their cats have been eaten by what we believe to be coyotes. Not Butterball! Mom thinks they feel sorry for him!
Tomorrow it's back to work! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Keep smiling!  :)


  1. Nice way to photograph your quilts! Cute cat too!

  2. That's a beautful picture with your quilts on the fence and the garden in the foreground. Enjoy those fresh vegetables!


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