Saturday, June 30, 2012

Getting old and falling apart!

This is a whiney post. I pulled a muscle in my back (I think-I went to two doctors and neither one examined me-just gave me pain killers) and I have been in pain for 16 days! The heating pad is my best friend!  It's starting to ease up a little. I moved a rug and had to pull the rug and I think that's when it happened. I feel sorry for any one who lives with constant back pain- I really don't know how they function. The meds make me loopy-but I need them!

I did manage to do a little quilting (yeah for a computer)!

And a t-shirt quilt-
But I guess the biggest news of the week is Buddy............................
We were going into town on Sunday when we saw a little dog running down the 4 lane highway. We picked  him up. I am pretty sure he was thrown away because he had no collar, hundreds of fleas , and had not been neutered. He's a sweet dog but my two schnauzers are not too happy with having a boy dog in the house. He got all his shots and neutered today. There is no such thing as a free dog!
Keep smiling!  :)


  1. Hope you feel better soon. The new dog looks right at home. Hope you get to enjoy the Peach Festival on Wednesday, my family will.

    1. Thanks Jackie! I think it takes longer to heal the older we get! I hope this heat wave breaks for the Peach Festival! I walked the dogs this morning at 7am and it was hot and the gnats were out! Hope your family has fun!

  2. I hope your back is completely better soon. Really cute picture of Buddy. Tell him that he has a wonderful new home!
    Yes, the heat is terrible. We are staying in as much as we can.

  3. Great picture of Buddy - he has such a friendly disposition. Buddy is lucky to have found you and a great place to call home! I hope your girls come around to loving him too.
    I hope the back pain is better.


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