Monday, May 28, 2012

Messy sewer!

When I sew things get out -of-hand-quick! Fabric, thread ,scissors, pins you name it thrown everywhere! Especially a big quilt! So last night I sewed until around 11pm when I fell into a coma. This morning I have been cleaning my room. Still not great-but the floor is visible!
This is the view looking in the door. Still some clutter. And this is what I was sewing.
There are some "fullness" issues but I believe the long arm quilter can "quilt that out".
This is the border fabric. It's an Alexander Henry fabric that I love!
Keep smiling!  :)

EDIT: I just read this post and all the talk about pins and needles flying and falling into a sewing coma may give someone the wrong idea. I didn't piece the center of this star-it was purchased from a fellow Etsian who does great work at a very reasonable price!


  1. It's gorgeous!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. It's gorgeous!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  3. Blue is my favorite and I love that border. Happy Memorial Day!


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