Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mama said there will days like this........

I give up! Machine 2-me 0.
I've tried to run 2 quilts (both mine) and the longarm is screwing up! I've got it oiling now and will try again later!
Cherry has the right idea-just curl up on the floor!
I did get this quilt off last night for my Mom..........
now I think I will go cut the grass before the storms hit. Also I got this lily last year for Easter. I planted it outside and it bloomed for me this year. It's fading a little now but it really was pretty a couple days ago.

I think I will take my own advice and Keep Smiling! :)


  1. I hope your longarm decides to behave itself. Until then I think you need to follow Cherry's advice and take a nap - but somewhere more comfortable than the floor!

  2. Frustrating when things don't run like you want but maybe after a rest and grass cut all will be well.

  3. Thanks! I know it's a bad cone of thread but I SO wanted to use it! I also just noticed I left a word out of the title! Oh well-move over Cherry!

  4. glad it is just thread and not worse. hope it is better today. maybe all of this rain is driving you crazy like me.


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