Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just a heads up to my customers....

I had some machine issues Friday night.:( The repairman just left and he can't get the parts until Friday. I try to have a pretty quick turnaround but unfortunately things happen. I see a busy weekend in my future!
Maybe I'll get some sewing done? Or some yard work? Or go to the mall? Maybe lunch with friends? Ride my bike?


  1. Least ways you have options.....before the machine gets fixed and you have to crunch your time to get things done.

  2. True! It's been nice being outside and digging in the dirt! I just hate to disappoint people. :(

  3. Do you need my machine? I can loan to you. Who is the repair man?

  4. I have another friend who quilts the quilts turned in for the big Charity thing. Last year she quilted over 90 quilts for them.

    And three weeks ago her machine stopped working, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and her life fell apart. Do you know the organization ladies are giving her fits about the quilts not being back in two weeks.........

    I'd look for another grout to work with that are more "charitable". You know what i mean??

    glen: hope your machine gets fixed soon and you stay healthy! LOL

  5. WEll, I am in the same boat, but it is me that is broke. lol... hopefully the dr will let me go back to work next week. I see him on Tues. I have enjoyed some time pieceing and ready and not worring about quilts. Hope you are fixed soon.


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