Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sleeper Quilt

My DH has been restoring an old car for at least a year. It's a red Honda CRX. We bought it many years ago and he has put many many miles on it. Well-it got a facelift. It got a paint job. It got a laundry list of parts that I can't remember. He's looking at buying new wheels. But I do remember that the engine is bigger than the one that came out of it. He says its a sleeper car. Guys see it and think "nice car" but they don't realize how fast it will go when you step on the gas. It does go fast and it makes a neat sound!
I called this a sleeper quilt. I quilted it for a customer who says do whatever you want-so I do. She picked them up yesterday and she really liked it. So now I can show you a "sleeper quilt".
The front -nice colors and a pretty quilt.
Turn it over and WOW! I decided to toss the solid black thread and use this bright varigated multicolored thread ! click on the picture and you can see it better.
 Somebody comment and tell me how to spell varigated!!
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Great quilt. I love those flowers you quilted in it. Variegated. Have a great day. Lane

  2. Wow that is really pretty. Was this a pantograph? I love your flowers and the variegated thread is gorgeous on that black backing fabric.


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