Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad idea?

Several little brown birds have been busy building a nest in my fern on the front porch. They are very hard workers but I think their work will be futile!
They say in real estate that Location, Location, Location are the most important three words. That advice  applies to birds building nests because.......................
Boo-Boo may look like she's asleep but really she is plotting her strategy! If history repeats itself she will wait until there are little birdies in the nest and have a full course meal!
On the sewing side-
I made these two pillow shams to go with my Sunbonnet Sue quilt. The pictures are dark but it looks like the sun is coming out so I can take new pics!
Hope your day is good!


  1. Boo Boo is adorable. I've had the bird nest problem too.

    Great pillow shams.

  2. We have a hanging pot they build nests in every year. And every year whe the babies start learning to fly, they get eaten by the cat. But in the cat defense, in her younger yrs she could catch hummingbirds!!


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