Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Come Sail Away ,Come Sail Away.........

Just got this one off the machine. It's 9:06 -where did this day go?
The spirals really look good on this quilt!
This is for my fellow longarmers who are feeling the last minute pressures! Tis the season! I always play this youtube video at Christmas-it puts me in the mood to get these quilts done. I've taken a class with Mavis-a very fun person!


  1. Your swirls look really nice on this quilt. Gives it a lot of texture. Love it!

  2. The swirls look fabulous!

    I had to let Dutch go on Tuesday and I have been a bit of a basket case since. Silly things like when I got out the dog food container to feed the bassets and cried for the next 20 minutes non-stop. Today it was the lunch bone. I know it gets easier, and that time will help. And I know he is no longer in pain.


  3. Vivian, Jackie O, super those swirls, just love them, plus going to pick your "Quilt on"


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