Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Basket Case

Is the Christmas rush making you a basket case? Hang in there! This is new on my wall.
This is my Mom's basket quilt. It won best hand quilting a few years back at the SC State Fair. She wanted me to hang it in my studio so others could enjoy it. It has been willed to a family member (not me). We both think quilts should be enjoyed-not packed in a trunk in the attic. A lot of people tell me their Grandma's quilts are in the attic. Why? Get them out and enjoy them. Grandma would be happy to know her work is being used and enjoyed.
This is a ladder that my Dad found in the highway. It fell off a painter's truck. On the legs is hand carved SP. I covered the rungs with fabric and am displaying quilts on it.

It's a beautiful day here in SC. I will be raking leaves the next couple of days! Hope your Wednesday is great!


  1. I love your basket quilt, and also the quilts on the ladder!! I agree, don't hide the pretty quilts in the attic or a storage box, put them where you can enjoy them. So happy you are able to go outside and work today, have fun!

  2. Pretty basket quilt. I agree that quilts are meant to be used and enjoyed.

  3. The basket quilt is so cheerful. Glad you and your customers get to enjoy looking at it.
    This weather is so crazy for December. I think I may go out and rake leaves for awhile!


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