Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Long Day ahead...

My last BIG custom job of the year. (doing the happy dance) I've got a bottomless coffee cup and plenty of chocolate! Speaking of coffee-Has anyone tried this "B-Skinny Coffee"? They have an ad for it in the local  magazine. It is supposed to burn fat by simply drinking coffee. If it works that would be awesome!
Back to quilting-it won't quilt itself-now THAT would be awesome!


  1. I love log cabin quilts. Interested in seeing what quilting pattern you use.

  2. B Skinny coffee? not heard of it, but on Dr. Oz the other day he was talking about Cholly, which is coffee made from cacao beans. Tastes like coffee, and enhances your health as a benefit. I want to try that. Chocolate coffee can't be bad at all!


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