Friday, November 18, 2011

How OLD is OLD enough?

A lady stopped by yesterday to talk quilts and long arming. Just passing thru and saw my sign. She said she  dreamed of having a long arm quilting machine but she was too old. She is 72-a young 72. I bet 5 years ago she said the same thing! How old do you have to be to give up on your dreams? Makes you think. I also heard a conversation between a man and his wife last week. He wants a dog. He's 67. She said no-they mess up the furniture and tear up the yard. How OLD do you have to be to not care if your house is a museum? I thought to myself-Maybe you need a new wife! Some things are better left unsaid!
Here's a peek at the custom quilt I've been working on. Will put ornaments on the border tonite. That crazy song "Christmas Balls" keeps running through my head!
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!


  1. I agree! I hope I NEVER get that old!

    Love the quilting, you are so good! LOL. Yes you are!


  2. Amen, you are never too old for your dreams. I love my longarm! And I also love my dog! This quilt is gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. DITTO, you are as old as you think, I am still 18,or 21 as long as I can have a margarita or pina colada

  4. Sometimes I think I am still 30!! What the heck, somehow I turned 52!! Isn't 70 the new 50?? Thanks for the laugh!


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