Friday, September 23, 2011

If you draw it they will piece it.......

It all started when my client and friend, Helen, came over and saw this on my design wall.
 I had traced the pattern from a quilt another client, Alvin, had done. Alvin had seen this on Simply Quilts and pieced his great top.

This is the pattern I sketched and gave to Helen-

So we have gone from this to this-I can only give you a sneak peek until Helen sees it!!
The colors are fabulous-especially the Kaffe Fassett  ( I love his fabric!).
Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Oh and Suzan (Suzan's Patchwork Garden) I have been trying to leave you a message on your blog for weeks and it won't let me! You are a no-reply blogger so I can't message you! 


  1. Vivian, don't know what I did, but please try again!!!

  2. This is most weird. I saw the title yesterday but could not get the post to show. Today it is there, but the next title is already showing on my side bar, and not there yet.

    I must be time traveling..........(twilight zone music here)......


  3. if you draw it they will piece it...I remember the "olden" days of quilting (about 35 years ago), we mostly drew all our patterns onto graph paper first and then cut small pieces fabric to fit onto the drawings. =)



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