Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seeing Stars

Just finished these four table runners for a client. Christmas and babies that is what is on a lot of people's minds!
We have had to modify Katies's walking. She is just not able to walk very far. This is what she like to do now----and eat (she has an appetite!)


  1. as long as she is eating and the other, she is ok. Patch is a lot less active now.. He wont go out the front door,cause he cant see to good, unless it is to ride in the car. he does love to ride.

  2. I like the stars on the table runner.
    My prayers will be with you with the nasty storm that wants to come visit you. It's no fun to go though these storms. We were at home for Katrina and I wouldn't do that again, although if we wouldn't have been home we would have come back to a lot more damage inside our house. (we had buckets everywhere)
    Be safe!!!!


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