Sunday, August 7, 2011

Do you have a favorite quilting book?

I buy books and other quilty things on impulse. But this book I have read and reread and I take it with me on trips to read again. I bought it in Sisters, Oregon in 2006 and the authors were there and signed it. I was scouring it again and saw a fabric that looked familiar. I found it in my stash. I don't know where it came from. I asked my Mom if she gave it to me and she said she had never seen that fabric before.
My fabric which is the same as Gwen Marston used in her quilt.
She used it in the center square of this quilt too.
Just thought it was a neat!


  1. This book is one of my very favorite books! They also wrote a sequel, and the sequel (with almost the same title, maybe has the word "again") is actually even better than their first book. I too drag them both around, look at them in the evenings, carry them back to the workroom and read them there. The odd thing is that I found myself making a number of the quilts in the books!

  2. Right now I am into "modern" books. But I just bought a book online that has the potential to be a great quilt book although it is not about quilting.

    The Art of George Rodrigues. He is the Louisiana guy who paints the Blue Dog. Maybe you have seen her, the loupe garou or werewolf in Cajun Speak.

    The paintings are graphic, yet simple. Show just enough detail. Done in series. Bold color that is not the normal color of things. Yet you totally know what it is supposed to be.


  3. I have that book too and it is a favorite. Permission to rules... just fun...


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