Thursday, August 18, 2011

Beautiful wallhanging

I am finishing up this wall hanging today. It's all freehand except for the wreaths. I love to mix freehand with computerized designs. The computer can do intricate designs a lot more efficient than me!
Katie is totally blind. The vet suggested I take her to a specialist in Charlotte-but after talking it over with DH and a few friends I have decided not to. Katie is a rescue dog so we are not sure about her age. When the animal shelter got her she was 11, then she went to a foster home, then she went to several families who couldn't keep her because she bites! I have had her for 3 1/2 years. So she is close to 15. She loves to chase a ball and doing that several times a day kept her too tired to bite! We think the blindness came from her sickness last week with her liver. I've read a lot of information on the internet about how to live with a blind dog. The dogs do better than the owners because sight is their least used sense. I work at home which will make it easier on her! Here she is sleeping while I quilt this morning.
We will adapt!


  1. I have had two dogs that went blind. Keep a good sense of humor and don't move things around too much. We had to remember to always put the chairs under the table or the dogs would bang into them, but other than that and the fact they move slower, it wasn't all that much different. Lots of sniffing and cocking ears to hear better. Lane

  2. Oh my gosh, she looks like our Schnauzer. What a lucky dog to have you to care for her. I also love the quilt. Great quilting.

  3. Sorry about your dog. I've had a blind dog before and they adapt really well. Just don't move the furniture. It sounds like you take pretty great care of her. I love the quilt your working on. Quilting is really nice!

  4. My sympathy's about your companion. She will do just fine, as she has a good Mama...

    Loved the quilting on the buildings.

  5. So sorry to hear about Katie. She looks so cute sleeping in her bed.
    I like what you stitched on the buildings. Everything looks so good.

  6. I think the vet is right, the pet usually does better than the owner. Katie is a lucky dog to have you in her life.
    I really like the quilting on the wall hanging.

  7. Poor Katie! But the vet is tint. Dogs just adjust to whatever happens and don't complain. My old lab who was 14 had a stroke that left him deaf. He never missed a stride!

    I am glad Katie found you. You are one of the rescue angels!


  8. Darn spelling thingy. I meant. The vet is right! LOL

  9. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! For 3 years we have gotten up and walked around the school and park at 6am. For half the year it is dark and I carry a light. Just got back from the walk and Katie went around it without a leash. I just have to make sure nothing has changed on the path!

  10. Poor Katie. My Patch has catarics and will go blind due to dibeties. He is 11 1/2. Love the new color on your blog. much easier to read. and love the quilt you are doing.


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