Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Pattern

I've gotten several new quilting patterns. This is Fern. You can't see the pattern on the quilt front but it does show up on the back. It's always so much fun to run a new pattern!
thanks for all the well wishes for Trixie. She did great BUT.. she now she has NO teeth! Poor baby-got to eat canned food for the rest of her life! She was pretty doped up when we got home yesterday but she went straight to the kitchen and demanded food. Two cans later she was happy and went to sleep!


  1. Sooooooooooooo glad Trixie is better. Poor baby. She has a real good Mommy though.

    What is the name of that pattern and who makes it? Where can I get it? Thanks

  2. Very nice ferny/feather quilting! So glad Trixie is better! Even without teeth, I imagine her life will be so much better now!


  3. At least it didn't take her appetite away.
    The new quilt pattern looks great.

  4. Such a lucky dog, that little girl is. She has a momma who takes good care of her.

    I have always loved the leafy quilting patterns.


  5. I love your new quilt pattern. I'm glad your little baby is feeling better.

  6. Glad to hear things went well for Trixie.
    I love your new fern quilt pattern! I will defintely be requesting that on one of my quilts.
    So wonderful that those thunderstorms came through and cooled things off a little. We got lots of rain and the garden liked it.

  7. was so sorry to hear about Trixie, but glad she is doing better. we have to take care of our furry friends. they love us no matter what.

  8. Vivian used this quilt pattern on a quilt that she just quilted for me and I love it! I will post a picture on my blog once I get the binding finished up.


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