Friday, July 8, 2011

busy Week.........

Working on this custom quilt this week. It is taking longer than expected because of afternoon storms and having to unplug the longarm. I have also managed to unload 2 truck loads of topsoil. The humidity is so high that my clothes would be soaked after doing that shoveling. I don't mind the heat but the gnats will drive you crazy. I told DH I made lots of new friends while working outside. People drive by and I am waving gnats away from my face and they think I am waving at them! They wave back and some even toot the horn!!
Yesterday my Mom and I drove down to Augusta, GA to get our sewing machines serviced. There is a shop that will work on them while you wait. we went to Kohls' and then ate lunch. I used my Kohls'  cash to replace my $6 iron from Wal-mart.
And I HAD to buy this fabric from the sewing machine store.......
I've got the cutest quilt up next to quilt! Pictures soon.........


  1. I would drive miles for a place that serviced your machine while you waited! You lucky girl.

    Bike fabric for the tour de france!


  2. That's just the friendly Southern have to wave back! How lucky you are to have a place that will take care of your machine while you wait! Amazing!


  3. Cute fabric. It's almost time for my machine to make a trip to Augusta....

  4. Love the bike fabric!!
    I will have to replace my iron soon too. DH and pooch were playing chase in the house (bad boys) and pooch got the cord caught up in his foot and the iron went flying. (I sew in the living-room here at the beach) It's misbehaving now!! :( It was such a good steam iron and it is no longer sold (black and decker)
    Be careful working so hard out in this heat!!
    I hope you have a fun and restful weekend.

  5. Oh, my grandson would LOVE that bike fabric. It's so cute!

  6. I love the colors in the quilt that you are working on. We had the problem with the power going off and on, too, but I'm not going to complain because we got rain a few times this week. The plants love it!

  7. Love the bike fabric. thanks for the tip on the Kaffee fabric. I have been thinking OWB for some of it. but so hard to cut into. Going to Knoxville this week. shop until I drop. LOL


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