Sunday, July 10, 2011

Baby quilt weekend!

Sesame Street
This is Trixie when I rescued her from the shelter-she had been neglected. The day after I got her the vet pulled all her teeth except for a few. This past week Trixie did not act like she felt good so back to the vet. They are going to look at her remaining teeth and either clean or pull them on Tuesday.  Poor baby! They gave her an antibiotic shot and painkillers  for the weekend. It's been a whoosy weekend! Hopefully she will be back to her feisty self by the end of the week.


  1. Those quilts are awesome...totally....poor doggie...

  2. Poor Trixie, had a german shepard and lots of trouble with his teeth!!!Hope she is better soon, but look at those baby quilts, I had my babies here this weekend so no quilting!!!
    I love the alaph. quilt, I have to get going on Noa's quilt, I bought a kit in Germany for him for Christmas, DIL does not like quilts!!!

  3. Love the baby quilts! Poor puppy! Hope she feels better soon!


  4. Great baby quilts! Trixie is lucky to have such a caring mom. Shelter dogs are the best! Hope she is back to herself soon.


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