Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working Wednesday...again

Do I only work on Wednesdays or only have time to blog on Wednesdays?  This is on the frame today. I'm using wool batting in it and it just makes the quilting "pop".

Also working on the background fill for the sunflowers.
But the big news is that it is 65 and sunny today so I will be working outside this afternoon!
Enjoy your day..............


  1. my favorite background fill, just love that!!!!

  2. Sun flowers are looking great! I have never used a wool bat. I may have to try it.
    Glen: how did you get sunny temps and we have freezing rains???

  3. Love the sun flowers and the quilting!!! Glad you are having some nice weather...we are freezing in Texas!

  4. Spoke to quick about the weather-sun never really came out and a cold wind was blowing!I guess it's not Spring yet! Glen-you will love wool batting!

  5. I love love what is on your frame!!


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