Saturday, February 26, 2011


A local sewing center (Creative Sewing) is having a contest to celebrate their 10th year in business. This is my entry in the contest. It's titled Neighbors. I got the idea because Creative Sewing is across the street from a restaurant called Zesto. It has a HUGE ice cream cone on the roof. On several occasions people have asked me where Creative Sewing is located. I always  respond -"across the street from the restaurant with the HUGE ice cream cone on it".
Hippie house
Post office
Chinese restaurant
Selvage Baptist Church
Military house
And a label listing all the 10's!


  1. How creative!!!! I hope you win. You have too, this is so original. glen

  2. This is so lovley! You are so creative!!! Good luck I hope you win. Nice quilting too.


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