Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Working Wednesday

I started quilting this UFO this week. See the wide outer brown border? You- know- who cut the backing too SHORT so the quilt will be losing half of that border! I LOVE working on my own quilts 'cause I can improvise! I got it stabilized and then let the computer quilt these big suns in the center.
I'm not in LOVE with them but I also don't won't to rip them out so they will stay!
The computer has done two borders-two more to go! They are far from perfect but I'm learning!
It's chilly and very windy outside-but toasty in here!
Hope everyone is enjoying this week-I'm just trying to make it to Spring!


  1. Oh my...I so love these flowers!!!!

  2. I think the sun quilt looks fabulous. Snowing here but warmer that it has been in days.

  3. Nice, like the suns also, and the feathers look nice on the border

  4. The suns are spectacular. I do so love them. The quilt will be gorgeous.

    glen - yep, just gorgeous!

  5. Thanks everyone! I haven't worked any more on it because I have a contest quilt I am trying to get ready. I'll post it when it's finished!

  6. I am a sunflower junky and LOVE this quilt!!


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