Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Working Wednesday

This is the quilt I am working on today. It's a Christmas quilt. the customer wanted a panto in the center and a separate  border treatment.
I wanted to show this quilt rack that my Mom gave me for Christmas. She also gave me the quilt! It is feed sacks and hand quilted. This is the back.
It is VERY soft. I'm sure you've heard that we have been snowed in for a few days! I have been making the dogs go out and walk. The first day hubby carried one and I carried the other to the dirt road behind our house. They were able to walk a little. I walked them up to the school this afternoon and almost slipped on a slick spot. I have a feeling there will be no school again tomorrow!~~

Stay warm and keep quilting!


  1. Your snow picture is just wonderful, along with your quilt rack and quilt!

  2. How exciting, new quilt rack! Great gift mom!

    Love the snow picture. About 4 years ago we had some snow and I was surprised that it reflected like that.



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