Thursday, December 16, 2010

What's up with the weather?

I finished my last customer gotta have for Christmas quilt today! Yeah!
I finished about 3pm and looked at the outside temp and it was a balmy 60 degrees! It had barely got in the 30's the last couple of days! So, I grabbed the rake and started to rake leaves. I got a few piles raked and then the rain started. At least I got about 30 minutes of fresh air!
This is the back of another quilt I did last week. She used denim for the back and it quilted up very nice!
And also a couple more pics from the Mardi Gras quilt.
Hope everyone has a happy weekend and remember to have fun!


  1. Love the quilting you did on this quilt!!!

  2. very imnpressed with the quilting. You have certainly outdone yourself!


  3. Thanks girls! I really mean it-thanks for always saying nice things!

  4. I love that quilting design. Looks great.

  5. love the thread,quilting also!!

  6. The quilting designs look great! I love the Mardi Gras colors and your background fill.... what are you using for thread???? really complements the quilt.

  7. I love your quilting, it looks so nice on the quilts.


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