Monday, December 20, 2010


I got the quilt top pieced last night for DH's friend who is deployed. He's a helo pilot so the pinwheels are the blades and the other blocks represent the terrain in Afghanistan. I love it but then again I love weird things!! I am going to quilt it with a fan pattern. I have a Baptist fan pattern but I think I am going to try out a new fan pattern just to see if I like the new pattern better. I would be a longarm quilters nightmare!! The top is a little wonky! I guess I'll have to tip the quilter.  :) :)
ps- Can you guess our friends name? Don't over think this one!!


  1. How cool is that! I love the modern twist quilters are taking. This one is fabulous!


  2. Vickie, that is a great quilt. So unique. Wishing you Happy Holidays and a great New Year!

  3. Vivian, I need your address to mail you your group quilt packet!!! Tommy Fitzsimmons You should have your email on your web site.


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