Friday, November 19, 2010

Ready for the weekend!

Got this quilt finished for the school. See the back? I had to go to Hancock's to buy more backing fabric.  While in line a nice looking late 20ish guy with long black hair turned to me and said"you have nice hair". He had the smoothest voice! I said "thanks".  BTW if you want to make a 51 year old woman with graying hair happy just say  she has nice hair!! Well- I skipped, yes skipped out to the car where my husband was waiting patiently -he said "why are you so happy?" I replied, "there was a hunk in Hancock's who said I had nice hair.  DH said" I don't believe it". Me, "you don't believe I have nice hair?" DH- "no I don't believe there was a hunk in Hancock's!" There was. So there.
I'm off to buy groceries-I think I'll wash my hair first! :) :) :)


  1. LOL. I know what you mean! Let that be a lesson for ALL the young hunks, just make an old lady's day!

    I was checking some quilting books out at the library, and if you are over 55 you get 6 weeks rahter than 4 weeks. I asked for a card (they just give you a computer receipt now) and the young hunk gave me the normal 4 week blue one. Then he looked at the computer receipt and said, Oh, wait, you get the yellow (6 week) one, huh? You don't look that old!

    glen: I spend a lot of time at the library now, maybe I should wash my hair when I go.....

  2. Glen-Isn't that odd? They think older people read slower or what?! One of my friends asked me what he was buying. I don't know-I wasn't looking at his hands! LOL


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