Monday, November 8, 2010

Design wall Monday

Man-has it been busy around here!! Lots of quilts coming in, being quilted, and going back home!! This is a top my mother did for our trunkshow. I will be quilting it soon. the piece of fabric pinned to the wall is the backing. We are trying to use our stash!! With that being said...............We also took a trip to a quilt store to get needles and I brought home these beauties below!
People ask me how much should I buy?  It depends on how much I like the fabric and the cost. these were all on sale and they"spoke" to me! I'm sure I will find them a good home.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and we all get a lot accomplished this week!


  1. I buy anything I can get! LOL. My quilt room is a good indication of that theory!

    I like the flower!


  2. Can't wait to see that flower quilted. Love the fabric too! I did the same thing the other day...the fabric kept saying take me home and I did.


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