Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday quilting

Such a soft and feminine quilt. Just melts the stress away! Going to be a busy day-several clients scheduled and I am also getting a heater installed in my sewing room. As a lot of you know this house was built in 1904. High ceilings are great in the summer but not so great in the winter! :( During the day I usually stay in the front of the house so it doesn't make sense to heat the whole house. So hence the heater in the sewing room. I know two little dogs who will love it!!
Let the fun begin..............


  1. That is too funny with the pups in front of the heater! Bonnie Doon being the Greater Swiss Mountain dog she was, would be outside in the 30 degree nights just loving it!

    I made that quilt for Carrie's future MIL and gave it to her at Carrie's shower. She was overwhelmed. It was gorgeous!

    glen: thanks for stopping by my place earlier! Silly girl! (Lucky, but silly!)

  2. How cute!! My little guys & kitty's lay in front of the wood stove. We live in an older home built back in the 1900s. Your right cool during the summer cold during the winter, installed a wood stove to heat the room and keep the cost of fuel down.
    Love the quilt! What is the name of the pattern?? Your rug colors are same as mine ...we have the same taste


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