Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great end to a good weekend

The weather here in SC has been gorgeous this weekend! Needless to say -not much quilting going on!! Also watched football all afternoon on Saturday. My team lost (Clemson ) but the gamecocks of the Univ. of SC beat  No# 1 ranked Alabama.
Got the grass cut for the final time ( I hope!) this year. We have a HUGE yellow jacket problem. Hung some traps. I think the nest is under my ivy. As soon as it gets cold -the ivy is coming up and hopefully we can find the nest. The traps are working in the mean time.
My two art quilts got juried into the SC state fair. T and I went to the preview tonight.  We didn't stay long (or drink the wine!) because I needed to get home and feed the furbabies! Gotta keep the priorities in order. The palmetto tree was a popular theme. I guess I will do something different next year!
Hope everyone has a great week........................

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  1. Wow! Congratulations on being accepted into the show! That is a fabulous weekend!

    LSU won, but like last week, the fans were not really happy about it! LOL.



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