Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eye candy

Client is coming over this morning to pick up this beauty! I love the colors !
Close up of the quilting.
Busy week trying to get a lot of quilts out and delivered to the LQS-the Quilted Pearl. The owner has decided to pursue other interests and the shop will be closing -maybe this week or very soon! I am going to miss meeting quilters there but they can always come to my "studio".

I'll be up in my studio, studio!!  Come visit!


  1. The swirl quilting really adds to the quilt top. It looks amazing

  2. Nice quilt and beautiful quilting. What pattern is it? Paper or digital?

  3. I agree- the swirl was perfect for that quilt!

  4. Thanks guys! The pattern is called Feathered Curlique by Tammy Finkler. It is digital and it backtracks over itself a lot!! Took a ton of thread. Does anybody like my "studio" video?! :) That song is stuck in my head now!!

  5. Beautiful colors! Love the swirls too!

  6. your Quilting is beautiful. The Studio song is catchy! Funny the judges didn't like it! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing & dropping a line on my blog too!

  7. Deb-you will be singing that song all day!!


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