Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just pedal

Been pretty busy. Lots of quilting-lots of baby quilts!!  I love the look of Baptist Fan on an old fashion quilt pattern like churn dash.
 I am riding my bike about 60 miles a week. I go up this HUGE hill that goes on forever and I have to keep telling myself-Just Pedal. I think that applies to more than just riding my bike-as long as I am moving forward , I'm ok!  No weight loss from the riding (I still love chocolate, potato chips, and Coke!)-but my clothes are fitting better.
Just got these two Citizen Sam quilts off the frame. One of my Mom's friends made them.
Hope everyone is having a great September. The weather is a little cooler and the leaves have started to fall!


  1. You are amazing to ride a bike up legs hurt just thinking about it.

    Love your churn dash....the quilts on and off the frame look wonderful.

  2. Welcome to the biking riding group! We have been riding on the weekends, but it is still too hot to go more than about 10 miles. Today it hit 98 around noon and we hit the poboy and onion rings place before heading home.

    Not too healthy but it was good and worth the ride.

    I love the churn dash, it looks fabulous!

  3. You guys are so encouraging! I've tried lots of different exercise fads (anyone want to buy a 25 pound hula hoop?)-but biking and walking are the two I always go back to!


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