Thursday, September 30, 2010

2 quilts done before 2

I must be sick! It's just 2pm and I have quilted 2 quilts!! If the truth be told....I had an electrician in the house all morning trying to figure out why my stove would not work. So I was very productive! We haven't had a stove for over 2 weeks-it gets old cooking on a hotplate! He got it working -Yeah!
I think I am missing a gene. Everyone is so excited about going on retreat and sewing all weekend, and taking classes-not me. In the fall my Saturdays are filled with working in the yard or watching college football. I get some mindless sewing out  and turn up the game and I'm happy! Last weekend I pieced a top for my son who is deployed. Hopefully I will get it quilted soon!
Now to go play with the stove..............


  1. Ugh. Living with a stove would be a bad thing around my house. I could do without the oven, probably for a while, but the burners? No way. Glad it's working. That quilt picture reminds me of a very old quilt, but I can't put my finger on why or which quilt or where I saw it. It's lovely. Lane

  2. Vicki, during the summer I cook on electric, I hate it and can't wait until the autumn when I can turn on my AGA.....We've had the big turn on....I love my Aga....and my kitchen is so warm and cosy....enjoy your stove!

    Kay in Scotland

  3. Missed you at retreat. I bet your husband was at drill, nice pieceful weekend.


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