Monday, August 9, 2010

Where did the weekend go?

I spent about 12 hours on this quilt and I still have a long way to go!! Trying to get it done so I can put my little quilt back on.
This is for the SC State fair-I  entered a similar quilt a couple years ago. I also want to get this one quilted -time is running out!
Also, de-cluttered a lot!! the need to de-clutter was because I watched a show called Animal Hoarders. The lady had 97 dogs and 15 cats and she lived in a single wide trailer. It was mind blowing!! There are days I don't think my house is big enough for 2 dogs and me!! The dogs weren't getting the vet attention or grooming they needed. So sad!! It ended happily though.  Animal Control came and got 95 of the dogs and 14 of the cats. Supposedly they were going to be adopted out.
I told Trixie she was lucky-she could have been number 98!!


  1. Hey, viv. that is beautiful. You really do such nice work.

    Thanks for the well wishes for my anniversary. it was a dull one, we decided to hold off on the nice restaurant until Frank could eat regular foods.
    Congrats on 28 years, you don't see longevity these days!



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