Monday, August 30, 2010

When people let you down...

Just got back from walking the furbabies and I ALMOST needed a sweater or at least long sleeves. YES!!
Not much quilting going on but I have high hopes for this week.  Last week was filled with my fellow bloggers losing their furbabies. I know I don't personally know these people but I do feel their pain and I am upset for them. I also had a couple personal "things" happen and it made me realize that  people will let you down but a furbabies love is constant and forever!  Trixie is by my side all day. If I walk into another room-she gets out of her bed and follows. constantly moving all day.
Now if any "art" quilters read this maybe you can give me some advice! This is my entry in the fine arts for the SC State fair. I did a simialr piece two years ago and it has taken that long to do another! It is a perfect rectangle but to me it looks lopsided!
Should I try to straighten it, cut it down or I was thinking do some thread painting of sea grass along the bottom to soften it. Any ideas?
Have a great week-it's back to work for me!


  1. It's quite cute. It feels lopsided because the moon is too low to balance the tree lean. Try adding stars (to balance the tree) and grass (to balance the stars).

  2. First off, I think that art quilt is amazing...totally amazing. I think it looks great just like it is.

    Second of all, maybe I should invest in a fur ball or two....because you are right...people will let you down one way or another....

  3. Oh Vivian, hug Trixie for me, I still can't stop crying here.

  4. Barb-yes you need a furbaby!
    Judy-Again sorry for your loss-I've been through it and it's not easy!
    Wendy-Thanks for the ideas! This represents SC's flag and how the palmetto tree logs were used to defend Charleston against the British. It's called Bombs Bursting in Air. The crescent moon is part of the flag. My last one I left the moon off. I think you are right that the moon is throwing it off balance. I might try tilting the moon. Thanks for your help!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments about my loss. I have 2 other furbabies to tend so I still can bask in their love.! Thanks again!


  6. I didn't notice it was off centered until you said so. Someone suggested a good way to changing it but I would say just do a lopsided border - wider on one side! That's my contribution to the art world of quilting. lol

  7. It is not a moon, it is a Gorget, which the officers wore around their neck way back when. Ask Mr Stugess at the NG museum. He told me all about it when I was wrong. I mean really told me. LOL I also think it need to be a little higher. Hope you can move it. otherwise it is beautiful as usual.

  8. Dogs are always there, people tend to be iffy. I do so enjoy the company of dogs. Trixie knows what you need, hug her tight!

    glen: well, not too tight!

  9. Sorry Vicki for the misinformation. :( I don't think I can move it -it's heavily quilted!

    Glen- Trixie loves hugs when she's in the mood. Otherwise I get a low growl and she wants to be left alone! She is an old lady!


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