Sunday, August 1, 2010

Citizen Sam

My Mom wanted to make some quilts for the Citizen Sam project. They accept quilts made to fit gurneys  for soldiers injured in combat. This is the link. I quilted it with this neat panto.

This is the back and the fabric for the binding.  I got this binding fabric a couple years ago at Jo-Ann's. It's Robert Kaufman and it was $9.99 a yard. So, as to be expected no one bought it!! JA put it to 90% off and I bought it all! I've used a lot of it  and it feels so good-silky.Hope everyone has had a great weekend !


  1. I love how you quilted it.....

  2. OMG That is gorgeous! I am so impressed! It is just gorgeous.

    glen: quilts and dogs


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