Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been Katie's mama for a little over 2 years (she is a rescue dog). She bites-in fact that is on big letters on her vet folder! Because of that her teeth have never been checked. She loves to chase the ball and for the last few days she would stop the ball but not pick it up! This took a lot of the fun out of it for me!! so off to the vet we go. Of course they couldn't really tell me anything without "knocking" her out. I said do whatever needs to be done to get her well. I picked her up last night-she has 5 teeth left!  The vet said her teeth had been filed down and were in bad shape. She was supposed to come home and rest-the first thing she did was chase the cat! Then she came in and counted all her toys and picked a fight with Trixie!! She is on the mend.
--Customer picked up her pumpkin quilt today. She said it was a kit purchased from The Cherry Pit.
It did really turn out good!!---


  1. Is Katie a minischnauzer? I have 2 Samantha and Taffeta, Bridgette died last year and that was so sad. Their pics are on my blog, they are salt and pepper.Your little Katie is lucky to have been rescued by you!

  2. Glad Katie is on the mend.....

    Just love that quilt!!

  3. Poor Katie! LOL. But glad that she had you as a forever home and that you are observant enough to have noticed her teeth problem!

    She is a lucky doglet to have have such a great mom.

    We had a cat who was a biter. He was 22 lbs and got beaten up by all the other cats all the time. So I guess he took it out on us humans. The good thing was that after he had to have his fang taken out, he only left three marks in your hand!

    glen: you can't keep a good dog (even one that bites!) down! LOL

  4. My last two fosters have dental issues and ended up losing a lot of them. Enough teeth were lost where hard kibble was out.

  5. Thanks for all the comments about Katie! She has really done well-having to learn how to eat again-the 5 teeth she has left are on one side!
    QuiltSwissy--a 22 pound cat and he was a biter! You had a guardcat!! My cat BooBoo is a barn cat and in the winter her fur gets really full and poofy. I've had repair men honk the horn for me to come out and they say "Can you make the cat move so I can get out of the truck?" Scared of a little cat!!


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