Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beautiful day

This is the quilt I am working on today! I just love the border and sashing fabric-the pic doesn't show the true color. This quilt jumped ahead of another quilt because the other quilt's backing was too short!! As a longarmer that is the worst feeling when you get to the bottom of the quilt and have more top than back! It usually doesn't have to happen to you but ONE time! Now no matter how many people or how many times the back has been measured I still drape the top over the backing and physically make sure there is enough backing!
It seems the bigger the quilt the harder it is to get the backing big enough!! Usually customers forget they made that border a little wider or even added an extra border!
Last month my business credit card was "phished". It had a charge for $1 and then two days later a charge for $39.95 to a 1-800 number in CA. I called the number and asked what business it was and the man said "I need your credit card number". Of course I refused and hung up and called the credit card company. They said they would take care of it-I said I wanted to cancel that number and get a new one. New card came in and I didn't activate it. Opened my bill yesterday -had the $39.95 charge on it again. I called CC company and they said that charge was made before I got my new number-but they hadn't "taken care of it" and refunded the money! I had to tell the story to 2 other people who promised to remove the charges. Guess who the 1-800 company was? an adult entertainment site!! Where are the quilt police when you need them?! :) :)


  1. Eeek on the credit card! Thanks for the warning. I'll be sure to watch mine. That quilt you're quilting looks really nice!

  2. That quilt is just the bird house.

    Sorry about your card....but you caught it quickly....

  3. It's a good thing you were on top of those credit card charges - what a shame though!

    That quilt is just darling that you are finishing up on the long-arm!

  4. What a horrible experience for you, but at least you caught it in time - so many people don't check their credit card statements.

  5. Oh goodness. I have had that happen only once and I am surprised it is so little considering how much fabric and stuff I buy on the internet.

    One thing I do is to have a totally separate credit card I use only on the internet. And the limit is as low as I can get it, this one is $500. I have to keep a watch on it because they keep upping the limit because I am such a great customer! LOL

    glen/Quilts and Dogs


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