Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back to work

This is where I will be today-doing lots of SID!! This is one of my last custom jobs to do. I love the fabric-lots of cheddar mixed in.
The other pic is of Trixie in front of a barn at my Mom's . I was taking lots of pics of the barn-I have high hopes of making it into a quilt. trixie is deathly scared of fireworks (or gunshots,or thunder) so you can imagine this has been a rough weekend. The town puts on a pretty big fireworks display and we can see it from our house. It also can be heard!! Then when she finally got over  the noise -this morning we were walking and someone was shooting fireworks. It's Tuesday morning  at 6am-please people GO TO WORK!!!
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday-now back to it..........

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